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About Me

Hi! I'm Amy. I always find these 'about me' sections a little awkward so I have put together a small blurb on how Bakes in Bloom started. Are you sitting comfortably?

There was once a young girl who loved to bake. She lived and breathed for creating delicious goodies for her family to enjoy.

Not sure who this girl is but it isn’t me!

I wish I could give you a story about how I have baked since a young age, with my long blonde locks flowing behind me. But I would be lying. So here’s my story….

Just over four years ago I left my job as an Assistant Psychologist and decided to give myself a little break to figure out if this was still the career I wanted to pursue. Now here’s the cliche part - I literally had one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments when trying to think of a present for an upcoming birthday. Cakes + flowers = cupcake bouquets! Seeing as I was skint, I decided to give it ago myself - you know, because homemade presents are the best kind!

Shortly after this I decided to register myself with the council & sell the cupcake bouquets, all while the Psychology question mark hung over my head. Fast forward four years and I am exceptionally proud of the business I have built and the support I have received from my friends, family and customers.

So there we have it, my journey.

This is me!

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